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Master all the necessary tools, practice with real cases and learn from some of the industry's leading experts

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A specialized academy for startup finance education

The finance area is key in a startup to have visibility over the real scenario and gain maximum control. However, there are few professionals who are clear about what to do and how to do it

We want to bring to the startup world all the knowledge of our team about startup finance working with +200 projects in +20 countries, with a very practical approach and based on real cases

Course duration

10 weeks, with lifetime access to all recorded contents after completion


6 hours a week that can be adapted to your professional day-to-day life


Online, with applicable content from day one




€1,450 (payable in up to 3 payments)

Starting date

Introductory session: Thursday, September 28th. First live class: Thursday, October 19th

*Live classes will only be taught and recorded in English. The content available on the platform (pre-reads, slides, theory recordings...) will also be available in Spanish

Master startup finance and join a network of startup professionals

Get trained by a great team with proven experience working as CFO in +200 startups and with national and international funds

Master the tools needed to understand startup finance
Model and understand different business models
Understand financing alternatives available to startups
Deep dive into financing rounds and their impact on the long term
Design robust reporting models (internal and FOR investors)
Create a contact network to draw on and to take advantage of and opportunities

6 editions

Since we started in 2021 we have already had 6 editions of our Startup Finance course. In them, our students have been able to be trained by great professionals and specialize in the operation of finance in startups

+ 350 students

Our main objective is to share the knowledge of our team with all those interested in training with us

+ 10 nationalities

We have trained students of up to 10 different nationalities. We want people from different places to be able to connect and share experiences and knowledge

Created by a team of startup finance profesionals



CEO at The Startup CFO

 Private Investor at BackFund

Consultant at McKinsey & Company

Our students' feedback

"The Startup Finance course from The Startup Academy is the perfect course to learn financial concepts applied to the latest market trends. For anyone who does not know how a startup finance department works, it is almost mandatory as it analyzes all the necessary aspects from a very practical point of view"

Curro Moreno Vidal

Head of Product - Zinkee

"Great dedication of the team, up-to-date content and colleagues with great professional profiles in the sector. The Startup Finance course at The Startup Academy will not only train future CFOs of startups, but future entrepreneurs!".

Denis Ciccale

CTO & Co-Founder - Zenfulfillment

With unique content

Module 1 - Introduction to Startup Finance

Introduction to general concepts to understand what a startup is and what are the stages during growth. Also, general concepts of finance and accounting and how they apply to startups will be covered

Lesson 0 · Introduction to modelling in Excel

Lesson 1 · Introduction to startup finance

Module 2 - Business models

Analysis of the main business models such as SaaS, marketplaces, platforms, ecommerce, data, R&D. Detailed study of financial modelling, reporting, main business metrics and key concepts of each of these models

Lesson 2 · SaaS

Lesson 3 · Platforms, marketplace, ecommerce

Lesson 4 · Other business models

Lesson 5 · Startup reporting

Module 3 - Financing in startups

Analysis of the different financing alternatives for startups: public, banking, Venture debt, revenue revenue-based with an in-depth study of private investment rounds and the main clauses involved. Study of governance in startups

Lesson 6 · Funding alternatives

Lesson 7 · Funding rounds I

Lesson 8 · Funding rounds II

Lesson 9 · Startup governance

Module 4 - Introduction to Venture Capital

Introduction on how Venture Capital works by studying the main concepts of the industry such as GPs vs. LPs, fee structure, investment period

Lesson 10 · Introduction to Venture Capital

Share through our Slack community synergies, challenges, and opportunities and reach your full potential, growing and learning with the best professional profiles

Consolidate networking with our events (both online and in-person), webinars and chats, tutor coffees and 1-1 meetings between students in the community

Access our job opportunities and place yourself in the sights of the best companies in the sector

Talks with startup and fund professionals

During the course, you will have exclusive access to the talks and webinars we do at The Startup CFO with finance professionals in startups like Cobee, Graphext, Merama or investment funds like Kibo Ventures

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Course content

 Do I need to have prior knowledge of finance?

No need, you will learn all you need during the course and with the introductory topics you will get the basics you need for the course

How deep does the course go?

Within the limitations of being a 10-week course, it goes into enough depth on all topics to master startup finance

 How long will the materials be available once I have finished the course?

The materials will be available for you to access indefinitely

Will the content be available if I can not attend the live classes?

Yes, we record and share all the materials and they will be posted on the platform so that you can access them without any problem

Payment and financing

Can my company pay the course? 

No problem, in the contract we attach an annex to include the invoicing data, where you can input your personal or your company's data

Can payment be made in installments?

Payment for any of our courses can be paid in up to 3 monthly installments without any additional interest

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A course made by startup finance professionals.


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Startup main business models

SaaS Metrics and models

Cohorts Analysis to improve customer retention

The Lean Startup Method to grow your startup